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We are into Paper Crafts, Needle & Yarn Crafts, Fiber Artist, Altered Arts, Art Journaling & Book Arts, Jewelry Making, Stamping, Quilting, etc!
Most crafts are welcome!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

DEC DCM is Cancelled due to flu! :( Too much glitter lickin and glue sniffing!

Hiya people!
We hate to say this, but Heather <me> has the flu, freshly diagnosed as of this morning, Thursday. I am the only organizer that was going to be there this weekend as well.

I do not wish to give each of you the flu, that would not be very nice of me. I still have fever and still contagious.

With that said, I do want to apologize. If you have paid already, I would like to offer everyone that I move you to the January 24th weekend? Hit us up at DCM@dallascraftersmarathon.com to let us know about moving you to Jan meet up.

I have sent out an email to all that have RSVP'd asking if moving you to January meet up would be ok, or if you would like another arrangement.

I hope you do get to craft this weekend, I will be in bed or the couch!

Again, my apologies. I've never had the flu in my life!

<3 Heather

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays, Happy Crafting and see you next weekend!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend at DCM, YES the weekend after Christmas! We still have room so RSVP if you can attend! At this time, we have plenty of room for walk ins. It is $25.00 for whole weekend, $15.00 for Saturday, Friday and Sunday are each $10.00 per day.

***Starting in January 2014*** 
The Friday and Sunday per day rates will be $15.00 per head, per day. We are keeping Fri-Sun at $25.00. Why the rate increase, you may ask? The new lease the Game Guys signed had a slight rate increase. On a good note, looks like DCM will be renting the place for several more years! :) 

As a reminder, we are just some local crafters that wanted a large place to craft, with like minded friendly people and not be cramped or have to travel very far. We are very thankful to have such wonderful crafters come and craft with us. It has been hard for some to understand why we rent this space to just craft together and not draw an income....Well, if those that question it would attend and hang with us all, I think they'd answer their own question! 

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December DCM Meetup!

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with good friends and family. As long as the weather is good and we maintain 10 or more RSVP's, we will have the December DCM meetup the weekend following Christmas. Bring all you new toys, pictures and/or projects to work on!

RSVP for Dec DCM

Don't forget to bring in your pets during the cold weather and have a safe weekend!

Wishing you a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!